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Joan & David Fraser
{For a great Nain and Tac from all their family.

Light Sponsored by Alison & Kevin Wood

Will Evans
{For my lovely Dad Will, we had many a walk on the pier when I was a child, fond memories xxx

Light Sponsored by Dawn Hampson (Evans)

The people of Bangor!
{Merry Christmas BANGOR!!

Light Sponsored by Jocelyn & Mike Bowen

Dorothy Thomas
{Grandma, special walks on the pier. Always thinking of you, especially when I am here.

Light Sponsored by Julie Hughes

Mary, Phil and Nick
{For all those not with us this Christmas

Light Sponsored by Neil Hawkins

Dick & Irene Roberts
{Precious memories of my Mam and Dad, who both loved our pier.

Light Sponsored by Shirley Williams

Keith Parry
{Love and miss you xx Gillian

Light Sponsored by Gillian Parry

Taidy Eeyore
{Love Rhys xxx and Lucas xxx

Light Sponsored by Dwynwen Parry

David Edwin Gillard
{in loving memory of my dad, formerly manager of the Garth Hotel, Bangor, until the mid 1980s

Light Sponsored by Peter Gillard

Trevor & Alice Williams
{Miss you both.

Light Sponsored by Ian Williams

Hannah Lockett
{Hannah was a student at Bangor University and is currently travelling round South America. Bangor is always in her heart. May the lights on the pier bring joy to all at Christmas.

Light Sponsored by Michelle Lockett

Jenny Conway and Wimpy
{In loving memory of Nan and Wimpy. This Christmas won't be the same without you and nor will any Christmas again. While you won't be there in body, we'll feel your spirit in everything we do this Christmas. I love you both and miss you more than anything.

Light Sponsored by Caitlin Conway

Peter William Owen
{Shine bright Pedro. We miss you every day. Love you forever X

Light Sponsored by Jake Owen

Jan Savage
{You always shine brightly in our hearts xxx

Light Sponsored by Amanda Husband

Peg & Ray Mobberley
{We love you Mam & Dad

Light Sponsored by Linda & Gillian

Derek Hartley
{We'll have a scone at the end of the pier for you. Love from all your family xxx

Light Sponsored by Viv Ervine

Ian Mallon
{In loving memory of Ian, on our first Christmas without you. Fly free now in peace. Forever in our hearts and thoughts, with love from us all XXX

Light Sponsored by Debby Burcham

Daid (Raymond Doughty)
{Keep shining Daid bach. Caru a methu chdi mor gymaint xxx

Light Sponsored by Jen, Nansi a Jac

Gwawr Jones
{Bydd 'na Wawr tra byddwn ni.

Light Sponsored by Ifan Jones

Catrin Evans
{In loving memory of my beautiful daughter. Shine bright my lovely girl xxx

Light Sponsored by Pamela Evans

{Er cof amdanat Rob xxx

Light Sponsored by Elin Walker Jones

Lynda Owen and Gill Jones
{Much loved and dearly missed.

Light Sponsored by Rachel Owen

David Nelson
{For my Dad, Much loved, Always remembered xx

Light Sponsored by Pauline Burton

Gareth Fon Jones
{I gofio'n annwyl iawn am fy soul met a gwr arwrol ar ein Nadolig gyntaf hebddat. Roedet ti'n caru dod yma am cappuccino (neu can o seidr yn ystod Covid!), ac yn caru'r Nadolig. Caru ti mwy na dim, a methu ti mwy na hynny. 'Bydd fory'n ddiwrnod gwell'. KTM SBV am byth, Rol xx

Light Sponsored by Roland Evans

Gwynfor Jones
{Er cof am Gwyn, ewyrth annwyl a ffrind gora. Cofio chdi ar y pier bob tro Gwyn. Diolch am bob dim a caru chdi gymaint.

Light Sponsored by Avril Wayte

Tony Curley
{A little light shining bright in memory of our wonderful Gramps. Nadolig Llawen.

Light Sponsored by Donna Oliver

{Cwsg mewn hedd Islwyn. Atgofion melys xxx

Light Sponsored by Emyr, Elin, Wendy, Neal, Keith, Helen, Geraint ac Angharad a'r plant i gyd.

William John Jones
{In memory of my loving husband, taken too soon. You will never be forgotten and I will always love you. Cwsg mewn hedd.

Light Sponsored by Nancy Jones

Joyce Jones
{To our lovely Mam (Joyce Jones) thinking of you as always but more so at Christmas. We miss and love you so very much. Love always & forever xxx Your Girls, Christine, Alison & Hayley xxx

Light Sponsored by Alison Reeves

Stacey Pritchard
{Fly high with the angels and dance with the stars in the sky.

Light Sponsored by Will Pritchard

Gemma Ann Jones
{With love we remember Gemma Ann Jones, fell asleep November 18th 2013, aged 26. Our beautiful daughter, sister and auntie. Forever in our hearts.

Light Sponsored by Margaret Jones

Eve, Geoff and Andrew
{Remembering wonderful Christmas times we spent together.

Light Sponsored by Vanessa Hawkins

Alice Williams
{Alice Williams, wife, mother, grandmother, shine your light.

Light Sponsored by Maggie Williams

Liza Marie Williams & Lona Ann Henderson
{In loving memory of Liza and Lona, our beautiful daughters. Always in our hearts and our thoughts xxx Mam and Dad

Light Sponsored by Sandra & Emlyn Williams

Ade Maxwell
{Always with us and never forgotten. Cariad mawr Lliwen and family xxx

Light Sponsored by Dion Hughes

Roy Bestwick
{In loving memory of Roy Bestwick, a true 'Garth Lad', and a dedicated coastguard. Roy passed away 19/11/23 and will be missed.

Light Sponsored by Paula & Alan Roberts

Leah Marie & Stephen Emlyn Williams
{in loving memory of our beautiful grandchildren. Always in our thoughts xxx

Light Sponsored by Sandra & Emlyn Williams

Peter Newman
{Christmas light to remember my dad, who worked on the pier in the 80s.

Light Sponsored by Kay Pritchard

Ann Ferguson Evans, Ellis and Nan Jones
{Forever in my thoughts. Miss you so much.

Light Sponsored by Jennifer Hutchinson

Fred Oliver
{Dad, you made Christmas special. May your spirit shine bright this Christmas.

Light Sponsored by Philip Oliver

Molly Dickinson
{Dearest Molly, shine bright, we're always thinking of you. Love Jacob and Zachary xxxx

Light Sponsored by Zachary Anderson

Shirley Parry
{Dear Mum, your light will always be shining among us. Though you are not here your light casts a warm enduring glow and your glow remains a loving force in our lives. Love from Cheryl, Aaron, Dawn, Laura, and your beloved husband Gareth.

Light Sponsored by Cheryl Hamilton

Victor and Morfudd Ashworth (Bethesda)
{Thinking of you both (as always) over the Christmas period. Yn dawel hiraethwn, gyda chariad y cofiwn.

Light Sponsored by Sharon Ashworth and Cheryl Ashworth Williams

David Ian Roberts (JOE KITCH)
{Ian Roberts, or known as Joe Kitch to friends of the pier. Sending a Christmas wish up to heaven to a wonderful Husband, Dad, Taidy &Son xxx

Light Sponsored by Kerry Jones

Sara Curley
{Shine bright in heaven as you did on earth. We miss you Jelly.

Light Sponsored by Donna Oliver

Gwyneth Elizabeth Davies
{For ever in our thoughts.

Light Sponsored by Alun Davies

Enid Wayte
{In loving memory of Mum. We miss you every day xx

Light Sponsored by Fiona Jones

Alexander Anthony Thomas Gwynne
{Daid a Nain yn cofio yn annwyl am ein wyr bach Alexander Anthony Thomas Gwynne 5/11/20 - 6/12/20. Cwsg yn dawel baby Gwynne. Cwsg mewn gwynfyd a hedd.

Light Sponsored by Reg & Mair Evans

Cerys & Markus Hemsworth
{Merry Christmas to Cerys and Markus, and all small cute furry creatures.

Light Sponsored by R M

Trevor Williams
{Trevor Williams, husband, father, town councillor, Bangor City and Welsh cap footballer, shine your light.

Light Sponsored by Maggie Williams

Debbie Parsons
{You were taken too soon. Thank you for being a friend and past work colleague. Rest in peace.

Light Sponsored by Alun Davies

{This light celebrates the members of MaesG Showzone, both past and present, whose amazing talent and dedication brings joy and happiness to all who see and hear them perform. We are so proud of you all. With love and admiration, Steffie, Eirian & Naomi.

Light Sponsored by Steffie, Eirian & Naomi

Charlotte Annest Speddy
{Forever in my heart, love you forever and always, Mam and Tom

Light Sponsored by Angela Speddy

Sarah Skogholm
{Thinking of you everyday. Miss you so much. Get a grip. Love Mike and family xxx

Light Sponsored by Michael Young

William JOHN Jones
{In memory of my Dad, William John Jones, who was recently taken from us too soon. We have many happy memories from our time spent on the pier and the Menai Strait. Rwyf mor falch y gallwn eich galw'n Dad. Cwsg mewn hedd.

Light Sponsored by Gareth Jones

{I gofio am y blynyddoedd o hwyl. I gofio chdi ar ben to garage yn rhoi goleuadau 'Dolig i fyny, er dy fod yn cogio fod yn scrooge. xx

Light Sponsored by Medwen Humphreys

Granny Marjorie
{Happy Christmas memories

Light Sponsored by Lucy Park

Michael Parsons
{in loving memory of  Mick, husband, father & grandfather. Member of Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue team, known as 'Santa'.

Light Sponsored by Dawn Parsons

Hemsley family
{in memory of Lily and Alfred Hemsley formerly of Upper Garth Road, Bangor. Happy family times spent on Garth Pier.

Light Sponsored by Angela Bessant (Hemsley)

Grandma Kitty
{With lots of love from Dana, Luke and Alana xxx

Light Sponsored by Dana Baxter

Ian Roberts
{A kind and generous man, very much missed. Linda and children Jarrod and Laura.

Light Sponsored by Linda Roberts

John Maddog Jones
{Shannon, Sammy, Sion, Shane, Skye, Seirian, we miss u dad, love u always.

Light Sponsored by Dawn Williams

Emyr Parry
{Love as always Kate, Dwynwen, Gareth and Rachel xxx

Light Sponsored by Dwynwen Parry

Robert Newbold
{Loving uncle, we will miss you.

Light Sponsored by Laureen Ellis

Maurice Bower
{In memory of my dear brother Maurice, so loved. Ex North wales Chronicle Reporter.

Light Sponsored by Carole Edwards

Betty Irene Gillard
{in loving memory of my mum, formerly manager of the Garth Hotel, Bangor, until the mid 1980s

Light Sponsored by Peter Gillard

Stephen Griffiths
{in loving memory of a perfect father and husband xxx

Light Sponsored by Rebecca Louise Griffiths

Emil, Macsen, Cybi, Cynog, Robin, Tecwyn
{Nadolig Llawen i chi! xx

Light Sponsored by Myfanwy Williams

Alex Daley
{Forever loved, forever missed.

Light Sponsored by Holly Brown

Jack Benjamin James Knowles
{Thinking of you, especially this time of year. Miss and love you, always in our hearts, such a kind & compassionate man. Missed greatly.

Light Sponsored by Gillian Royal

Peter Davis
{Your light is never dimmed but forever shines out bright and clear in our hearts. Our first Christmas without you. Love and miss you. Mum X

Light Sponsored by Sheila Davis

Duncan Black
{Rock on Duncan, love and miss you always. With love from Cathy and Terri x

Light Sponsored by Catherine Harding

Vesi, Solomon and Meabh
{Enjoy the lights

Light Sponsored by Tecwyn Evans

Jim Hughes Llandegai
{in memory of Dad / Taid at Christmas xxx

Light Sponsored by Phil Hughes

Buddug Pleasant
{Meddwl am a methu chi bob dydd, Nain bach fi, Nain gorau'r byd. Meg xxx

Light Sponsored by Meg King

Grandad Ted
{Happy Christmas memories

Light Sponsored by Lucy Park

Dudley Joseph Gee
{Dear Dad, you are not forgotten. Rest in peace. Love from Cheryl, Aaron and Dawn

Light Sponsored by Cheryl Hamilton

Philip Owen
{Still loved. Still missed and very dear. Always in our thoughts. From Sheila, Arfon, Family & Friends.

Light Sponsored by Sheila Owen & Arfon Owen

Clive Stephenson & Ingrid Hilton
{In loving memory of my partner Clive Stephenson (1942-2004), and my friend and sister-in-law Ingrid Hilton (1962-2020). Both much loved and missed.

Light Sponsored by Kay Hilton

Auntie Elsie
{Miss your special present under the tree. First year without you.

Light Sponsored by Julie Hughes

Peter Davis
{There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone the light remains. I miss you little bro.

Light Sponsored by Elly Davis

{Dear Soph, I miss you so much, I'm so proud of you, and I'm looking down on you. I love you so much.

Light Sponsored by Molly Moo-moo (Dog)

Bill & Dilys Williams (Nana & Taid, Mum & Dad)
{We miss you yesterday, today and always. Forever in our hearts. We love you Mum & Dad / Nana & Taid. Nadolig llawen and lots of love, Colin, Becca, Patrick, Kate & Sean xx

Light Sponsored by Rebecca Manning

Christopher 'Smiley' Williams and Karen Williams
{Missing you both even more at this time of the year. Love all the family.

Light Sponsored by Jodie Williams

Jack Newbold
{Loving father, we will miss you.

Light Sponsored by Laureen Ellis

Susan Culshaw
{Dearest Sue, shine bright my lovely cousin. Never forgotten xxx

Light Sponsored by Dawn Hampson (Evans)

W. John Jones
{Er cof am fab anwyl. 5.10.66 - 20.10.23

Light Sponsored by Margaret & Elliot Jones

Peter Thornton, Janet Sutcliffe, Brenda Morris
{We love you, we miss you. Merry Christmas from us all. Hope you are all jingling your bells.

Light Sponsored by Louise Thornton

Kathleen Thomas
{Mum , special walks on the pier. Always thinking of you, especially when I am here.

Light Sponsored by Julie Hughes

Robert Tyrer Chamberlain
{In loving memory of my dear brother Robert who passed away on November 22nd, 20 years ago. Cysga yn dawal Brawd bach, John.

Light Sponsored by John Chamberlain

Norma Ellis nee Keatman
{In memory of Norma, who lived in High Street, Bangor, during the first years of her wonderfully happy marriage to Albert. She loved walking on the pier and said that being here, looking at the beauty all around, she felt that she and Dad were living in paradise. She was a loving mother to Julie, Jackie, Gerard and Keith, and grandmother to ten boys. God bless.

Light Sponsored by Mrs Julie Smith

Bill Skerries
{'When are you coming to get me, to go round the world!'

Light Sponsored by Ann Williams

David Alfred Powell
{Dave you will never be forgotten and always loved and remembered by us all. Keep a watchful eye on your beloved "Irma Dewi", in the place you found so much love for. Love Joan xxx

Light Sponsored by Joan Powell

W.John Jones
{Fy mrawd mawr anhygoel, cariad am byth xxx

Light Sponsored by Anne Jones

William John Jones
{To my amazing dad, thank you for all the memories, I will cherish them forever and I will carry on with your dreams. Caru chdi llwyth, methu chdi gymaint.

Light Sponsored by Catrin Elis Jones

Evan Wyn Jones (Ifan)
{Er cof annwyl iawn am dad arbennig oedd yn caru Pier Bangor

Light Sponsored by Anna M Jones

Jo Parkes
{Shining a light for Jo; a very special lady who made Christmas magical. Love and miss you xxx

Light Sponsored by Loraine Hughes

Mrs Helen Williams (Nellie Lock) and Mr Brian Pilling
{Always in our thoughts.

Light Sponsored by Mrs Joanna Hughes