August 2017 saw the commencement of a £1m restoration project aimed at ensuring the future of Bangor Pier for many years to come. Although visually in generally good condition, the substructure was overdue for repairs and Bangor City Council had resolved to repair and restore the Garth Pier which had not received any major maintenance works for many years and was in need of a major refurbishment. The last restoration and renovation programme was in 1986.

Funded by Bangor City Council

The project was funded directly by Bangor City Council and involved work to strengthen the structure and also provide new handrails on the pier deck. Due to the precarious nature of the work, substantial scaffolding was required to comply with stringent Health and Safety measures.

Up to 3 Years to Complete

There was also a requirement to dispose of all waste material in compliance with the regulations and a Marine Licence application was made and lodged with Natural Resources Wales and a dialogue was maintained with other interested parties. The restoration work, which was weather dependent, was anticipated to take up to three years to complete.

Securing the Pier for Future Generations to Enjoy

The City Council apologised in advance for any inconvenience during the construction project but said the works were deemed necessary to secure the future stability and safety of the Pier for future generations to enjoy. The Pier remained open to the public during the restoration, with the only effect being visually (scaffolding) and occasionally small areas of the pier being sectioned off.