We were very happy and excited to welcome the light painters to our pier recently for a light painting session. Here are some stunning images from the session. A big thank you also to the participants for their kind donation to our charity.

About the Llyn Peninsula Light Painters

Llyn Peninsula Light Painters (LPLP) was set up to get others involved in the photographic genre of long exposure light painting. Some had experience and others none. It involves opening the shutter of the camera for extended periods and using a light source, usually a torch, and purpose built or DIY tools to create images. These images are unique as no two will ever be the same and they are only limited by the imagination. The group meets from Autumn until Spring either at an indoor venue or at outdoor sessions when the weather allows.

A tripod is essential to keep the camera steady, the camera needs to have long shutter speeds available from 3 seconds through to Bulb mode and a torch. That’s all that’s needed to start. Some phones nowadays have facilities that can be used, and you can in fact use your phone as the light. Creating light painting images is sociable but very addictive, it is a growing genre worldwide and there are even professional Light Painters who teach and sell their art. If you are interested in learning more about this type of photography, please join the group and have a look at what’s there. Please also ask questions, the only daft question is the one that’s not asked.

Facebook: Llyn Peninsula Light Painters (LPLP)

All light painters are more than happy to share their experiences, camera settings, knowledge and techniques, there are no secrets as we try to expand the awareness of our type of art.