My name is Avril Wayte, and I have been Chair of Friends of Bangor Garth Pier since the charity’s inception in 2020. The pier is very important to me, and, having retired from my role as Consultant Biochemist in the NHS in 2023, I am delighted to be at the helm of this wonderful charity and its critical role in working with Bangor City Council in protecting our amazing pier for the future. I have extensive experience in chairing various NHS committees and being a trustee of a number of charities previously, including CAIS, the local Drug and Alcohol charity, and the Royal College of Pathologists, where I served as Chair of the Welsh Regional Council and Assistant Registrar for some years. Nothing, however, has given me greater pleasure than working day by day with our wonderful team of dedicated volunteers who give generously of their time in support of our wonderful pier, and I feel truly honored to lead such a fantastic team